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General Info

Why Visit Daks over Normandy?

Biggest fleet of DC-3’s and C-47’s since WWII

Never since the end of the largest ever conflict in the World, World War II, have so many DC-3’s and C-47’s been assembled in a single location. This once in a lifetime event will offer you the opportunity to see them up, close and personal. The aircraft will be prepared for the crossing of the English Channel on the 5th of June 2019 for the 75th commemoration of D-Day.

Meet the Crews and the Paras

All crews of all aircraft will be present to show you their Birds. They are there to answer your every question. And under their supervision you can board the aircraft at will. All aircraft that fly on a particular day can also be observed, but will be parked separated from the visitors. Around 300 parachutists that have come from over 20 different nations all over the Globe will be dressed in 40-ties style uniforms. They will train and prepare around the aircraft for the Big Cross-Channel jump that is planned for the afternoon of 5 June 2019, into the original 1944 drop zone ‘N’ close to Ranville in Normandy, France.

Static and flying displays

In the unique setting and the ‘old style’ atmosphere of Duxford Airfield, the magnificent ‘Workhorse of the Sky’ is in her natural element. They can be observed in static displays and can be admired in their natural habitat, the air. During the event the DC-3’s and C-47’s will grace the Duxford and Caen-Carpiquet skies with flying demos, scenic flights and practice parachute jumps.